Minibus service to St James's, Leeds

We understand that getting to St James's Hospital in Leeds for radiotherapy isn't always easy for many patients. There are often worries about parking, having somebody to accompany you, or having to travel on your own. 

Our minibus service aims to take all of this worry away and make the journey to the hospital a pleasant one. 

How it works

Our minibus service is completely free.

If you travel on our minibus, we’ll work with the Bexley Unit to make sure your appointment fits in with those of your fellow passengers , to minimise waiting times for everyone. 

Our friendly drivers will quickly put you at your ease, and you’re sure to be welcomed by everyone on board.

Many of our passengers make good friends with each other during their treatment and look forward to the trips. Having somebody to talk to who is going through the same experience can often be a great support. 

Meet our friendly drivers

Our two minibus drivers are here to help you get to your appointment comfortably.

Ian has been our minibus driver since September 2010 and has worked in the printing industry as well as having previous experience as a driver for a car hire company. Ian says the most enjoyable part of being a minibus driver for York Against Cancer is the wonderful people and the great characters he meets.





Paul become one of our minibus drivers in 2016 having retired from 30 years service in the Police force. Paul is looking forward to being able to take the stress of driving away from patients and allowing them to focus on getting better.




To find out more about the our minibus service and how it can help you, call 01904 764466