The Morgan V8 gift

Surprise gift for York Against Cancer

20th December 2016

A Christmas gift with a difference has funded a generous donation to York Against Cancer after a  businessman sold the sports car he was given by the late York farmer and motor rally driver David ‘Piggy’ Thompson to thank him for his advice some 20 years ago.

David Thompson, father of World Touring Cars star and former British Touring Cars champion James Thompson, was a major motor enthusiast and following the advice, David asked the businessman what sort of car he really liked.

He told him that the only car he had ever really wanted was a Morgan V8. “That Christmas Eve, there was a brand new Morgan sitting on my drive!”,  he said.

David sadly died in the years after he made his generous gift, and recently the businessman, who has asked to remain anonymous, began to think it was time to do something with the Morgan as he no longer used it very much.

“I didn’t want it to just sit in the garage so I rang David’s widow, Barbara and said, ‘Look, I am going to sell it and give the proceeds to York Against Cancer.’ A sentiment she totally supported.”

Another friend was keen to buy the car and agreed to pay the highest price they could find for a similar vehicle on the internet - with York Against Cancer receiving the £25,000 proceeds plus Gift Aid.

The money will launch our 30th anniversary appeal to keep our new mobile chemotherapy unit on the road when it comes into service in summer 2017.

The businessman has long supported York Against Cancer and David’s widow said that David would have been delighted to see the cash support the mobile unit since he had had to travel to Leeds for treatment during his illness.

Our Chariman, Steve Leveson,  said all at York Against Cancerhad been touched by this kind gesture. “The charity is very grateful for this gift, which couldn’t have come at a better time as we are about to launch an appeal to raise money for our mobile chemotherapy unit.”